I know that self-publishing a book can feel like a daunting task.

On your own, you’ll probably never get it done. Where do you even start?

But when you have step-by-step guidance from an industry insider showing you exactly what to do (and in what order), the process becomes less daunting.

And this is exactly what’s inside The Self-Publishing Success System.

It’s a comprehensive digital bundle that’s the complete A-Z guide to self-publishing. 

It’s an easy to follow, step-by-step system to help you write, edit and then self-publish your book…with ease.

Here’s what you’ll get:


Write the Right Book

An extensive fillable PDF that that takes you through the Self-publishing Success System book foundations so that you know who you are writing to, what they need to hear from you and how your book will showcase your authority and attract clients.


Get Yourself on the Shelf

A valuable fillable PDF that will take you out into your local bookstore or library to conduct a powerful market research exercise. Get to know what is on the shelf already, who publishes them, what size they are, how much they cost and what you like and don't like.


Video Tutorials

Two short video tutorials to take you through the material in the Self-publishing Success System so that you can squeeze everything you can out of these self-study, plug and play materials.


Self-publishing Workflow

Do you want to know the order that you need to do things and make sure that you don't forget anything on your book publishing journey? The Self-publishing Success System Workflow has you covered – it's an extended schedule from a trade book publishing insider.


Self-publishing Checklist

Don't forget a thing when it comes to self-publishing your book. This checklist will prompt you to get everything you need together, to make the decision you need to make and take out the overwhelming "I don't know what I need" vibe so that your publishing journey is easy.


Writing Tracker

One of the most satisfying things when you are writing your book is seeing your word count tick upwards. Keep track of your words, see at a glance if your chapters are balanced (no 200 word chapters next to 5000 word chapters with this tracker!).


Writing Habit Tracker

Do you know when you are the most efficient writer? Are you a night owl, an early bird or something in between? Track when you sit down to write and use this document to make commitments to yourself to sit down to write.


BONUS: Time to Plan

A step-by-step guide to help you get your ideas out on paper, arrange them into a table of contents and add in your stories, examples and activities to start you on the journey of writing a book that will be irresistible to future clients.


BONUS: Planning Jotter & Flatplan Template

A notepad to jot down your ideas and arrange them into chapters and a visual tool to plan out how many pages are in each chapter and ensure that you include the same elements in each one.


Erin Chamberlain

A publishing consultant and book editor, Erin has been working for traditional trade publishers for around 20 years.

Over that time, she's worked on the development of hundreds of books, born from an idea at a pitch meeting, sold on the strength of sample text, a table of contents and a draft of the cover and internal design.

Erin can help you take the idea you have for a book in the back of your mind and turn it into a book that will have an impact, transform others and change the face of your business.

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